This is a list of my academic work. For talks and similar, visit the talks page. I defended my Ph. D. in February, 2019. My dissertation is called Small data: practical modeling issues in human-model -omic data. [archived version ]


  • Holsbø E, Olsen KS. Metastatic Breast Cancer and Pre-Diagnostic Blood Gene Expression Profiles—The Norwegian Women and Cancer (NOWAC) Post-Genome Cohort. Frontiers in oncology. 2020 Oct 15;10:2277.
  • Holsbø, E., Perduca, V., Bongo, L. A., Lund, E., & Birmelé, E. (2020). Predicting breast cancer metastasis from whole-blood transcriptomic measurements. BMC Research Notes, 13(1), 1-5.
  • Dong, C, Metzger, M, Holsbø, E, Perduca, V, Carbonnel, F. Systematic review with meta‐analysis: mortality in acute severe ulcerative colitis. Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2019; 00: 1– 27.
  • Jácome, C., Ravn, J., Holsbø, E., Aviles-Solis, J. C., Melbye, H. & Bongo, L. A. Convolutional Neural Network for Breathing Phase Detection in Lung Sounds. Sensors 19, (2019). [arXiv ]
  • Holsbø, E., & Perduca, V. (2018). Shrinkage estimation of rate statistics. Case Studies in Business, Industry & Government Statistics, 7(1). [arXiv ]
  • M. Grønnesby, J. C. A. Solis, E. Holsbø, H. Melbye, and L. A. Bongo, Machine Learning Based Crackle Detection in Lung Sounds, [arXiv ], May 2017. Currently under submission.
  • H. M. Bøvelstad, E. Holsbø, L. A. Bongo, and E. Lund, A Standard Operating Procedure For Outlier Removal In Large-Sample Epidemiological Transcriptomics Datasets, [bioRxiv ], May 2017. Hege Bøvelstad and I are joint first authors.
  • E. Holsbø, V. Perduca, L. A. Bongo, E. Lund, and E. Birmelé, Curve Selection For Predicting Breast Cancer Metastasis From Prospective Gene Expression in Blood. [bioRxiv ], 2017.
  • Tartari G, Tiede L, Holsbø E, Knudsen K, Raknes IA, Fjukstad B, Mode N, Bjørndalen JM, Lund E, and Bongo LA. Mr. Clean: A Tool for Tracking and Comparing the Lineage of Scientific Visualization Code. 2nd IEEE Working Conference on Software Visualization
  • Elahi N, Karlsen R, and Holsbø E. Personalized Photo Recommendation By Leveraging User Modeling On Social Network. Proceedings of the iiWAS2013 The 15th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services.
  • Holsbø E, Ha PH, and Anshus O. The Big Digger & Puzzler System for Harvesting & Analyzing Data from Social Networks. Norsk informatikkonferanse NIK 2013


  • Olsen KS, Holsbø E, Rognmo K, Krum-Hansen S, and Lund E. Stress related to a suspicious mammogram - potential transcriptomic effects. Abstract. The 7th Conference on Epidemiology and Registry-Based Health Research - NordicEpi 2015

As adviser#

  • Tengel Skar. Scalable exploration of population-scale drug consumption data. Master thesis, Department of Computer Science, Univeristy of Tromsø. June 2019.
  • Mike Voets. Deep Learning: From Data Extraction to Large-Scale Analysis. Master thesis. Department of Computer Science, University of Tromsø. May 2018.
  • Morten Grønnesby. Automated Lung Sound Analysis. Master thesis. Department of Computer Science, University of Tromsø. June 2016.